Our Goal: To learn together what Biblical manhood is and what it looks like; to identify the obstacles we face and learn how to overcome those obstacles while living out our Biblical purpose.

We wish to grasp and develop a manner of living which demans rigorous honesty. As men called to lead our homes, church, and community, we must continually learn to be completely honest with ourselves and trust each other with our true, unmasked personalities and problems.


My prayer for the Men's group is to integrate hurting and broken men from our community into our meetings; to stand together and grow in the Holy Spirit without comparing life experiences as more or less significant. Rather than letting our experiences divide us, I pray we would realize the ways our experiences are the same, concentrating on the similarities and not the differences. It's not my job to teach what I want people to know. It is my job to teach people what God wants people to know. In short, my job is complete surrender to God's will.

James Deel
James Deel